DeadZones: Part Six

We’re now making the most of the useful range of inputs from the controller, cutting off the noisey extremities of input. At this point, I feel like we’re at the “good enough” point for most games which need analogue input. Depending on the design, you might want to go a step further to improve the feel, though.

Currently we have a deflection magnitude vs. output magnitude which looks like this (in red. Old, scribbled out offensive crap in black):

The deadzone defines the beginning of “zero” output, and the gradient increases such that max deflection is max output.

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Errant Signals

In the Spirit of “Do, Don’t show”, I’d like to open this series on the XBox 360 controller to let you feel what’s really happening when you use a half decent joystick. And the truth is, what goes on under the hood is uglier than you think. After this, you’re going to run up and hug the first developer you know who has gotten their control scheme just right, and whisper tearfully in their ear “I’m so sorry… I didn’t know!” Continue reading