Aubrey Hesselgren
Based in London, United Kingdom

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Summer 2016

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The World Is Flat. The Mesmerising Geography Training Toy. A world map swirls under your touch. As you explore our planet, the game tests your geographical knowledge. Find countries and cities to keep a run going. Show mastery by finding the most obscure places at high speed. Or, just explore at your own pace. The World is Flat uses a teaching method so elegant that you don't even notice that you're learning.


The World is Flat started as an idea about warped cartographical projections by my father, Lars Hesselgren. He wanted to make a map which zoomed in close on one place, while keeping the rest of the world within sight. He described it "like a golfball pushing out a the surface of the globe". I decided I would try to make this novel projection for him for his 70th birthday. It was a lot of work, and as I went about importing massive databases full of geographical data, I couldn't resist turning it into a simple game. My own knowledge of geography was lacking, but since I had a background in educational games (and some very strong opinions about why most educational games fail), I felt sure that I could find an intrinsically enjoyable activity which would help me learn the globe. It turns out, I didn't have to add much in the way of game mechanics before it was immediately gripping.


  • Ambient Geography Training Toy
  • Tight, smooth controls.
  • Fast, fluid, artisinal vertex shaders.
  • Elegant on-ramp: if you've used Google Maps, you can use this.
  • Transferrable knowledge: you'll know how to find all the obscure places the news talks about!
  • Minimal teaching, maximum learning.
  • 178 Countries to find
  • Historic stats on your runs, to show your improvement.


WIP Gameplay Video YouTube

Yoga Ball Reveal YouTube

Rezzed 2016 interview YouTube



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Selected Articles

  • ""I keep opening up the beta while I'm on the toilet.""
    - Nathan Gallardo, Game Developer and Sound Designer, Portfolio Site

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About Aubrey Hesselgren

Game Designer and Developer, currently working on In the Valley of Gods, by Campo Santo. Aubrey is known for his love of Kinaesthetics (game feel), broad technical ability, and originality in game design.

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The World Is Flat Credits

Aubrey Hesselgren
Principle Developer

Lars Hesselgren
Original Idea

Fiona Byrne
Special Thanks for early Art Direction (Pre-production)

Robin Baumgarten
Special Thanks for help with Yoga Ball custom controller

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