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Game Designer and Developer, currently working on In the Valley of Gods, by Campo Santo. Aubrey is known for his love of Kinaesthetics (game feel), broad technical ability, and originality in game design.


Early history

Since the age of 17, Aubrey has made video games, starting with mods for the Quake series (mosty notably Matrix Quake 2, Leper Quake 2).

Streamline Studios

Aubrey's first real games industry job was at Streamline Studios, based in Holland at the time. He joined on the ground floor and eventually became Lead Designer on the parkour infused basket-brawler HoopWorld. To no-one's surprise, the development was a nightmare and most of the development team left in disgust.

Pillow Fort

After hitting their indignation threshold at Streamline, Aubrey and Tommy Refenes (of Super Meat Boy fame) joined together to work on an experimental and ultimately doomed endeavour: Goo! . This abstract Sun Tzu inspired fluid-dynamic army game was awarded the honour of being a finalist for Technical Excellence at the IGF in 2008.

Splash Damage

Aubrey was lucky enough to land a job at Splash Damage after Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, despite having only played the game once. He worked as a Technical Designer, responsible for designing, prototyping and coding the freedom-of-movement control systems in Brink - features which have since become de-rigeur in AAA shooters. He also worked on smaller, more subtle control aspects, such as console aim assistance, and a nested radial menu system (which was cut for being too experimental). After Brink, he was also involved in a number of secret prototypes for big name clients.


Where Splash Damage had given him a taste of Unity, Preloaded honed his programming skills, and gave him an education in educational games. Aubrey worked on SuperSight for (A beat 'em up to help teach kids about bullying), CraftyCut, Zip Wire Zoom, Mlob Rule and Disney Fairies for various clients (including Channel4).


Aubrey spent the last year working with Ed Key on The Forest of Sleep. He's also worked for Simon Roth on an unnanouced prototype, and with Himeki Games' Hoshi he no Chikai.



The World Is Flat YouTube

Goo! YouTube

Brink Dev Diary YouTube, Vimeo

Super Sight YouTube

Crafty Cut Vimeo

Super Meat Boy Galaxy YouTube

Abstract Space Shooter WIP (title: TBD) YouTube

Abstract Space Shooter WIP (title: TBD) YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "IGF Technical Excellence Nomination" - San Francisco, 2008
  • "IGDA Scholarship" - GDCE, 2002

Selected Articles

  • ""Aubrey is very talented game designer who understands design better than anyone I've ever delt with. He knows and notices things about games that the average player wouldn't see. He's able to accurately express his design ideas and is able to assist the development team in creating game systems. When his ideas on design are realized, he will change the industry... and he can jump over a 6 ft wall.""
    - Tommy Refenes, Team Meat
  • ""Over-talented game dev...""
    - Jim Rossignol, Rock Paper Shotgun

Once every blue moon, Aubrey streams development work. twitch.tv.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Aubrey Hesselgren
Kinaesthician Designer/Unity Developer

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